Monday, January 30, 2012

is it art yet?

you know how i know art is real? because people can look at photos and think that it's unbalanced, or displeasing even with a pleasing subject. and cuz when you crop a photo, millimeter differences change your entire perspective on it.
it's not really quantifiable in any way that i know, but oh well. better than nothing, innit?

so someone once was all like, if you were suspected of being a robot and you were before a council to prove your humanness and you only had 30 seconds to do it, what would you say or do?
i think i'd do the robot dance so they'd see just how terrible i am at it, and would have no choice but to proclaim non-robot-ness.

how do we explain to others that we're a work in progress, anyway?
we're all on a path, and every time people see us, they see a snapshot. nobody records the potential for goodness, etc. in the end i guess we just have to acknowledge our shortcomings and hope that we can complement the people in our lives. CAN I GET A WAT WAT IF ANYBODY ELSE INADVERTENTLY READ THAT IN J.D.'S VOICE FROM SCRUBS

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