Wednesday, January 18, 2012


"you know, because i was actually interested in you a little when we first met, but then, there was so much sang and minhee and brandon stuff at the time i was just like, i don't wanna get caught up in the drama, and every time i thought about maybe dipping my toe in, there would be like five guys dragging me out."

HAHAHAHAHAA hearing this in a conversation today, made me laugh. i'm not proud, but it's kind of funny. also, your past catches up to you, and, well.

something interesting i read today (forgot where) about how we can't go back and have a new beginning, but we can start and have a different end.

anyway, i hope it doesn't rain tomorrow. there's a budding obsession with surfer blood despite how fucking hipster they sound, and sometimes you need sun for your music, also, i think my avocado plant is dying, but that's ok because i'll just start another one. i wasn't committed to this one yet, because i hadn't named it yet. (i like the name gunther.)

have also been playing an AMAZING music puzzle game called Musaic. check it out, frealz

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