Monday, January 23, 2012

re:the kiddo

jason is so fucking adorable.

 jason:  if only everyone only ever wanted pizza
 me:  sometimes, young grasshopper....sometimes, you will want french fries.
 jason:  and if you want french fries, you will want ketchup
 me:  and if you want ketchup, you'll ask for a cheeseburger to put it on
 jason:  and if you ask for a cheeseburger you're going to want a milkshake
 me:  and if you ask for a milkshake, you're going to want a cherry on top of it
 jason:  and if you want a cherry on top, you're going to need a ladder to reach the top
 me:  ...........................
 jason:  oh come on you knew it was coming
 me:  this went from the best thing ever
to 'brace yourself i'm going to smack you soon'
and then
i'm gonna make you buy me a milkshake
 jason:  deal
 me:  haha
 jason:  as long as i get one too
 me:  yeah ok
i guess we can do that
 jason:  never under estimate the power of milkshakes
 me:  chik fil a vanilla milkshakes are the best
 jason:  i've only had chocolate and cookies and cream
 me:  strawberry's p good
we should get a vanilla shake
and a coke
and split the shake
and make floats
 jason:  this just became the best thing ever again

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