Monday, January 16, 2012


mostly...mostly things are starting to settle down with.. everyone. whew

i was watching andy stanley's series today titled 'the new rules for love, sex and dating.' he talks about how we were meant to have relationships, and how we shouldn't be searching for the right person but becoming the right person. and how we ask ourselves, am i who the person i'm looking for, is looking for? he goes on to talk about what it really means to be patient and kind etc, and how relationship problems aren't really relationship-centric; they're individual person issues that have to cohabitate. anyway, really interesting stuff, even for non christians. that's what i like about andy, is that a lot of stuff he talks about is just clear and applicable and actually pretty damn wise.

also i've been trying to do the photo a day thing, like 365x6 but this time actually finish it. here's to hoping.

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