Thursday, February 2, 2012


i can't deal. :/ was talking to jef today about how job searching is like dating girls. you of course are the boy.  it's one thing to apply to fifty bajillion companies. you're like, well, couldn't hurt. and then you get what you wish for, and people start calling you, and wanting to schedule interviews, and all of a sudden it goes from harmless flirting to "so, where are we? where do you see us going?" and you're all like, shit, shit, you have OCD and daddy issues, maybe i don't actually want to be in a relationship with you, but i wanna be married by 33 and i ain't gettin' any younger..

in conclusion, i just kinda wanna talk to kevin and hear him say "no worries, t-rex, just do your best." and be patted on the head.

buuuut that's not feasible at the mo, so we're gonna fake it till we make it. and i'm gonna talk to daddy -issues company tomorrow, and hope goth-girl-that-chews-her-hair company doesn't call me about that offer, and actually interview with control-freak company next week. who ironically is named Kontrol Freek. they make ergonomic accessories for game controllers. but i digress.

when you get down to it, weakness is only appealing in strong people.
and i wanna make people proud.

also i'm still taking pictures every day, i just have to freaking edit and post them all. soooon.

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