Tuesday, February 21, 2012


futureme.org is a website that lets you sent letters to yourself any time in the future. i recently found one sent to me, written in 2006 and sent in 2007.

(The following is an e-mail from the past, composed on Thursday, August 10, 2006, and sent via FutureMe.org)

so hi...

how are you doing now? are you happy? i hope that one year into college hasnt changed you too much, but at the same time i hope you've matured. are you STILL 4'11?

i hope not, anyways. have you found a nice boyfriend, or maybe started to get rid of your commitmentphobe?

maybe most importantly, are you still faithful in your walk with God?

i want you to remember to keep a part of yourself, no matter what the world takes away, no matter what gets destroyed by materialism. i hope you remember that every relationship you had or will have, dysfunctional as it is, is special, and significant.

i want you to remember you're at georgia tech and you're doing an engineering major that you might not always like because above all this is to support your family, which means more than anything.

how is that, by the way? are you dying? are you eating well, have you learned to cook?

by the time you get this, one year will have passed, and i know that year will be hard earned. i hope, though, that you'll stick with your major...and get one step closer to that degree. because it's your obligation, and you have to remember that.

are you still tithing ten percent, and did you finally learn the grieg concerto like your brother did? are you closer with your brother? because at this moment...that was one of the things you really really wanted, you know. is he married to his girlfriend yet, and does he have his own life six years older and six years apart from you?

i know it feels like you're throwing your life away by going into engineering for the next six years, and working in that field for the next 30. you dont even *like* engineering. but please remember that this is what you chose...so you and everyone you cared for could maybe have a little bit of a better life. so please...let that make you just a little bit happy. and let that make this a little bit more bearable.

i hope you still love southern comfort food, and that you finally look into what the heck T.S Eliot's The Wasteland means. i hope you still keep up with people like scott and whoever, and that maybe you understand e.e. cummings a little more.

please dont forget what rawlin said...that everything in literature and everything in life has a purpose. everything you feel has meaning and everything you experience is for a reason. keep growing. keep growing.

and above all, be true to yourself.


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