Wednesday, February 8, 2012


y'know what i hear a lot these days?

"does anyone want to ______ for me?" 

insert things like 'kidnap scarlett johansson', 'drive me to the dmv', etc etc etc. and i just think, heeeey actually, not really. after reading so many social engineering articles and thumbing through all these networking/conversation books in my brother's room, i've come to realize just how important wording is. especially after reading 'great ways to sabotage a good conversation'. e.g the art of never saying 'but', and this phrase up here is just. so much less effective than it could be. than if someone asked,

"is anyone willing to _______ for me?" 

because let's face it, we're pretty selfish people. actually if i went freudian on errone's ass, i could almost strip down the things we want to do down to sex and mommy issues. wait. i ran away from myself there.

the fact of the matter is, one statement touches on our desires, a la 'but what's in it for me?" and the other touches on our magnanimity. it's saying 'sure, maybe you might not want to do it, but would you be willing to anyway?' it levels the playing field a bit because the asker is now aware that they are the ones reaching out, understanding they are the ones for whom a favor is being done. (instead of 'a ha, i have deigned you are worthy to take me to the dentist!')

anyway, just some daily thoughts.

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