Wednesday, February 22, 2012

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there is no discipline of forgetting.
but it does happen because we let it, too.

death cab for cutie's we have the facts and we're voting yes is SO GOOD.

some people's moods and habits are influenced by the weather. for some people it's the clothes they wear. would they not be so influenced if we, their audience, didn't reflect it back at them?

soon, when we put ourselves down, there is going to be no one to reassure us. instead, we must reassure ourselves, that we are strong, and powerful, and capable of anything...

i remember that brief year i didn't date anyone, and said i was using that year to get closer to God. looking back on it now, i wonder if he would have wanted me to stop using him as a crutch and to spend that time learning how to be with someone instead. which isn't to say i didn't, yknow, have a more personal relationship with him at the end of it. but we as christians tend to hide behind him because it is just so damn easy, so much easier than facing our problems. we take a lot of liberties with our God.

anyway, just some random thoughts as lent draws near. WOMP WOMP

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