Wednesday, February 15, 2012


my life is again a mess.

i have the kontrol freek job if i want it. but i'm worth double what they're offering, and it's a high risk high return job. i'm tired of talking about it again.

vday date with blake went well. i kinda blew him off today because of job freakout, so idk. i think we would be better as friends though, and we're on a path now that i'm not quite sure how to veer from. we are wonderful as friends. blake is pretty awesome, i can't lie.

kevin too. only with a lot less subtlety. the best way i can describe this particular relationship is that soon, very soon, we are going to have to take this to its logical and inevitable conclusion. fuck if i don't have a terrible weakness for competency. with this one... there's a frisson of tentative curiosity and pleasure that comes from that rare experience of feelings developing from nothing (as opposed to instant [potential] attraction). less like a tidal wave. less like a gust of wind and more like the slow shaky legs of a foal learning to stand.

what am i going to do about this job????? i can't believe i'm leaning towards leaving it on the table with no other interviewing prospects on the horizon. AGAIN. god dammit

tl;dr luvstep 3!!! i have too many boys and not enough job offers

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  1. Tell the company you need more time to decide and that you have other offers you're considering. They may raise the offered salary then. Don't appear too desperate to take the job. :)