Wednesday, March 11, 2009

breath is fast and the trains are slow

i remember the little things best. yellow t shirts as bright as the sun and almost as warm. allen's face on the first day of work. sharing a smirnoff ice by the pool with a few friends. drinking cream soda with my brother. 

hahahahahaha sneaking downstairs at 6:45 in the morning in 4th grade for some strange reason and hiding underneath the piano. while he came in, turned on the light, and stood there for a few moments. he can't see me. he can't see me, i thought. geez. looking back on it now, i really wonder what was going through his head.

when i think about it, if i ever liked you, i probably remember your exact position when i first saw you. even if i didn't. like you that way, i mean. the brain has a nifty little way of remembering things concerning people who will mean something to you. it was shaun, sang, minhee on that couch, in that order. zack, chris, sean, when i first met them. though i only remember the outline of sean's face. can't remember much of kevin's face anymore, but i can tell you the color of the frog he caught on my driveway and exactly where he sat in the library when he looked up and caught me staring. 

the second floor lounge with my boys. man, i miss them all. foreman, sang, minhee, shaun, hang, rosh, pratik. i really wanna say those were my happiest memories that year. 

walking arm in arm with emily down the hmart aisles every friday. late night talks on stephanie's bed. MAWR MAWR MAWR MAWR. eating chocolate covered strawberries with her from lexington on a sunny day. and chocolate covered strawberries by the pool. (is there a theme here?) making green tea out of my ghetto water boiler and eating ginger snaps and barbeque buns with ginger on a makeshift table. getting so sugar high off peanut butter cake and twirling down the hallways. the shape of the cup of water hibisca handed me in the morning after studying all night and feeling like crap. the layout of the room as we played filler on kongregate. 

getting up at 5am to go to a freaking waffle house in destin. or was it 1 am?3 am? whatever am; it was AM enough to ensure that going to bed after eating would be an Incredibly Bad Idea.  and 'delicious little balls'. 

so don't tell me to forget the useless information. it's precious



  1. <333

    So remember, when we first became roommates, we were like, "OMG now we can have quasi-dinners on quasi-tables all the time!!" And then we didn't, because I messed up the BBQ buns and nobody bought cookies and we were too busy?

    We'll do it again sometime.