Thursday, March 5, 2009


oh and this made me really, really happy:

  • sean: wait so when do you turn 13? i mean 21. 
  • me: september. wait, hey
  • sean: getting trashed?
  • me: yes! wait. maybe. wait. no. well. maybe? maybe not trashed
  • brian: did you say september? man, we're gonna have to wait forever. 
  • sean: looks like we're gonna have to make a trip to georgia in september.
  • brian: or we could fly her up here.
  • sean: but then we'd have to fly her up here, buy her drinks, and fly her back down. too much money.
  • brian: pah. buy her a six pack and she'll be gone by the third one.
  • me: WILL NOT. *insulted*
  • everyone: *stares skeptically*

yeah, i'm absurdly fond of them. and they can fix trucks! and run test cells on transmissions. <3


  1. OR. You could visit ME. And we could get drunk together.

    I won't tell about your lightweight-ness if you don't tell about mine.


  2. see, i'm not the only one who calls you 13. :P