Monday, March 2, 2009

I am not the answer (so forget you ever thought it was me)

so i was listening at work and thinking so hard, 'where have i heard this before...why is this so familiar. and inspiring, or something. think think thinkthinkthinkthink' and then it hit me like wham. pow!! friday night lights. and maybe if it had been any other movie, of if i'd seen it beside any other person, i would still be able to listen to explosions in the sky. *shrug* so it goes. 

i saw the prettiest chinese girl outside my apartment today on her way to work too. she was all done up with her heels and dressy clothes and shiny bag and i was like wao *___*i wonder why she's dressed like that, since she must be engineering. none of the dressy cat finance people work up in the mossville tech center. idk! but yeah. i looked down at my work boots and khakis. drat, i thought. ah well. so we get dirty in the shop at 5am. HH don't play around.

this summer i've decided to plant a lemon tree! and maybe some strawberries. but in a pot. i learned the hard way that strawberries not in a pot get eated by deer. 

here is what i know: everything i am is dependent upon second impressions. 

here's what i learned: if i want out, i need to stop waiting for others to leave me so i can avoid the guilt of leaving them. which means....crap, i need to respond to some facebook messages.

tempus fugit. i wonder what to do about that?

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  1. why can't you listen to explosions in the sky anymore?