Monday, March 23, 2009

skin new, hands true

dude, the dow went up almost 500 points today. 


and as much as i now want to collect profits, things have worked out so that i could stand to wait a while. as in a couple months. or years. ugh, patience. 

but the junior gold miners still make me kind of uncomfortable.

anybody up for zaxby's when i come back? gahhhhhhhhh!!!! ~____~ 

in other news, today was really really warm! also i feel like no matter how much we say, we're all equally as transparent. 

what else happened today. ummm i had to find the only open bathroom out on production floor since they closed the ones in the office. first foray out into the floor, came back 2 minutes later. second attempt, ended up getting lost and wandering through the undercarriage part of the building. then after that it was kind of like. 

  • me: >___<'' *wanders around the building for 5 more minutes*
  • me: *stops*
  • me: 
  • me:
  • me: *goes back inside office building*
  • me: *ducks under yellow caution tape and ignores giant BATHROOM CLOSED sign*
  • me: *walks back to cubicle 3 minutes later*
  • karla:  so did you find it?
  • me:  yep.

seriously guys! don't laugh! the freaking building is as big as northview, but with dangerous machinery and multiple furnaces in heat treat that look like they belong in the gates of Hell. 

on another related note, i get to cook steak this week, woohoo :]

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