Monday, March 9, 2009

but saying what you mean is not one of them

the most interesting things always happen to me at walmart.

these two guys my age, probably a year or two younger, approached me today and asked me for money. i gave them a dollar, because while REALLY SKETCHY DRUGGIE JUNKIE looking, he also smiled and was really polite and i am kinda weak like that. 

now i'm kinda worried they needed food.

course, they could be trying to buy alcohol. so...idk i should have asked them. 

and then a random guy saw me in the water section and commented on how it was messed up that we had to read the labels on water. like "hmm i wonder what's in this. water, maybe?" he was pretty awesome.

and then the man stocking beef said hi to me! ever since coming here, i find that when random people say hi, it makes me v. happy. 

the end.



Tell yourself nothing's happened
You feel okay when you're asleep
It's the same mistake you keep making
You wake alone but you're not free

All your friends may go
and your luck may go
but you never feel as bad as when she goes 
It's all I know

All the time you were happy
It makes the end so hard to take
How a voice can fill a room like singing
the crooked moon upon her face

All your friends may go
and your luck may go
but you never feel as bad as when she goes
It's all I know

All I know
Some move like they were blinded 
some never let it show
I knew somehow, I'd have to let it go.


have you ever met someone that was just so skilled at twisting that knife in? frankly, it's a bit amazing.


  1. so apparently he was 'cleaning up' on sunday.

    that poem makes me sad.