Tuesday, March 24, 2009

off your lips in slow currents

so i was reading about Apple today when they were all like blah blah blah pretty good AND THEN THE IPHONE HAPPENED. and like. idk it's just me but i wouldn't ever want to own one. they're too shiny and cool-looking. i would feel the compulsive need to wipe the cover every 5 minutes with a soft cloth and cradle it in my hand, while swiping gently at the touch screen. no. absolutely not. i need a phone with buttons i can mash. it has to survive the Bottom Of The Purse. and being flung onto the bed from across the room, even the times when it misses the bed and hits, say, the wall. hypothetically speaking. cough

i'm convinced the stock market will be the thing that finally teaches me patience. or, you know, gives me a lifelong pavlovian aversion to the color red.

in a classic case of Custodian v. Employee, everyone has now been ducking under the caution tape to use the bathroom. the custodians then got kinda annoyed and taped over it with LOTS OF TAPE and a Very Clear Sign. and then i heard this guy across the hall say "oh heck no. i'll slip through that tape, just watch me." (infeasible) and now all of it has been mysteriously cleared away and thrown in the trash can. guess we'll see what happens tomorrow :0

i found your song. i found your song. i found your song. after trying a couple out to moderate success, it appeared. and it is so unmistakeably and completely yours

anyways, how you know you're with cat interns: we were coming home from dinner and maria is all like what's making that noise in the trunk? and peter is like it's rattle. and i am like rattle? like baby rattle? and peter goes nah, rattle like with torsion. and goes on a 2 minute explanation. and i am like woah, so cool. and chris is like lawl. 

and now that i've made your brains regress a few years thanks to the way that conversation was written, good night~


  1. more likely both -- patience, and the pavlovian aversion to red.

    initially, when you said cat, i instinctively thought "kitty." my pavlovian response to... yeah.

    also, i agree with your position on iphones. toys like that should never be expensive. and never should be so tempting to abuse as a phone (see my latest phone, it's so totally abusable).