Friday, July 29, 2011


tomorrow my dad wants to go out and eat breakfast and then walk around/climb stone mountain.

i on the other hand would like to sleep in and surf the net. can i get a what what

he keeps saying he'll wake me up so we can go, and i keep refusing.

but secretly, i wonder if i should. i wonder how much time together we have left, and how many other people in the world aren't as fortunate. how many people would kill to spend time with their family.

it makes me feel a bit ashamed.

my parents are awkward and we don't speak, and we have a whole host of issues i can't even begin to get into. we'll never be the type to take pictures together, embracing. we'll never say i love you, or even voice any feelings resembling that.

but i've never, ever, ever doubted how much they love me, because they show it every day. my mother, in the way she frets and cooks for me; my dad in all the little things.

that's why the details matter so much to me. you can see everything in them. i look at the mundane life of my parents and see so much love, even though i don't know anything about my dad.

but i digress.

it will be incredibly unfun tomorrow...but maybe i should go anyway?

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