Friday, July 22, 2011

tv guide

oh JGL. inception was the best thing you ever wore.
i watched it again on HBO and i know the plot is amazing and the filming and the soundtrack, but damn. i just wanna stare at arthur's three piece suits some more.

girls get this infinite variety of ways to dress, but boys. boys, you get dunhill, and simon spurr, and armani. my god, have you any idea. and you get italian leather briefcases, you lucky sons of bitches. there's a few things in this world people should appreciate, and one of them fine tailoring. whoo-er. start appreciating. go watch inception. again. those lines. *fawn* and don't even get me started on everything that tom hardy is.

jesus christ.

er. i've been watching a lot of tv lately. a lot of romantic comedy/drama/dramedies too. you know what i've noticed? a lot of time, to create conflict, there will be a love triangle. and it's pretty clear which one the guy should get with (it's usually always a guy) and towards the end, when he goes up to Wrong Woman, it's pretty by the book. he'll notice earlier in the film something that makes Right Woman special or different. things like knowing about perpetual motion, or being able to do laundry.

even though Wrong Woman is gorgeous and exciting and wanted by everyone, Idiot Man will realize he wants someone with Inner Beauty. as he converses with her, he slowly realizes the error of his ways.

Wrong Woman: what's the matter, billy/tommy/bryce/alex?
Idiot Man: it's nothing. .. can we talk about something else, like perpetual motion? (Have you ever done your own laundry?)
Wrong Woman: huh? what's that? (huh? what's that?)

and he'll end up with Right Woman because Right Woman is smart and strong and independent or something.

now, i have to ask:

when the hell does that ever happen in real life?

j, listen to me, j. i got this girl who wants to sleep with me and i don't even have to like, buy her dinner or anything, but you. you like dancing in the rain and can implement algorithms! that is special! i am going to invest in you!


the truth of the matter is, we're getting to an age where it's getting stupid to play games. i'm tired of stupid he said she saids, indecisions, fears of getting hurt, competitions, subterfuges.

if i like you, i will damn well let you know. and it'd be nice if you could do the same. i don't have time to watch you pay attention to other girls, or waffle. if you dunno, just tell me you dunno. why should it be complicated? why should girls have to wait N days before calling, or put out on the third date, or have some giant network of gossip and mutual friends fucking everything up? and if you don't feel the same way, well, the world won't end, kiddo. walk that shit off, but go at your own pace.

it kind of, all of it... all of it kind of boils down to, well--

how much trouble could we save if we just cut through all the bullshit?

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