Thursday, July 21, 2011

undue attention to detail

i was at Ross today searching through random knick knacks and looking at an aluminum water bottle with my horoscope on it and it said 'you pay a lot of attention to detail, which can be good, but also means you dwell on things much more than the average person.' and i started laughing hysterically (on the inside)

you know things i hate?

in other news, i think i did something stupid and gchatted M. i mean, on one hand, there's the whole cut off all communication until you're with someone else and completely over them argument. on the other, besides from the initial trepidation, i didn't feel much. and that's good, right? because it means i'm mostly done. i think. it was kinda interesting too, to observe it now. made me realize how damn hard i had to try, all those months ago, to converse with him. and it shouldn't be so hard, i think. especially with someone you date; they should be interested enough to fifty-fifty the convo. anyway, just some thoughts. i doubt we'll talk again because he never makes the first move anyway, and i'm accepting the distance more with each day. i was wasted on him, maybe. but at least this way we're acquaintances, or something. we have the capability to talk, even if there's no inclination. it's a shame, to be sure. he was an amazing, funny, intensely colorful person. still is. but you really can't make someone care about you if they don't.

so it's on to the next beautiful thing, innit?

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