Monday, October 29, 2012

forgo the parable

ugh. terrible day.
missed a 3 hour meeting on top of everything else at work lately, so management's been watching me like a hawk. and acting all passive aggressively, jesus christ. give it a rest, will you, ladies?

i caved and went on his facebook again today. he's sick :/

i just thought, no one would be there to make sure he eats well. i wanted to make him homemade chicken soup like my mom always would, and curry, and brush his hair from his forehead.

and then maybe i'd feel a little better, being there with him too, from my terrible terrible day.

i know that he wants his freedom and not to feel like he's settling or something.

but sometimes for the life of me i just can't see how it would be better for either of us.

it really pains me. i wish there were a way to be less... nurturing. ugh.

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