Monday, October 22, 2012

the kicker

don't get me wrong, he was good to me sometimes. most times, except for the important parts like not liking me enough (lmao boys are so dumb sometimes).

what makes him the asshole though?

is that if i didn't stand up for myself, we'd still be together right now. he'd be in something lukewarm at best, and constantly constantly looking, and never even trying very hard where it mattered, and then one day he might have met someone and disconnected completely or started acting like a douche to get me to break up with him (equally likely).

that's the part i can't stand, is that things weren't good enough to stay together--

but if given the choice, he wouldn't have had the balls to do anything about it.

take it to heart.

always, always demand respect. because life is too full of emotionally immature people who don't know how to be responsible for the things they tame.

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