Thursday, April 16, 2009

Right on the foyer on this dark day

And then it came to me: the perfect word. Taken from Jon Stewart, I will say it in this context: THE ECONOMY AND MARKETS ARE PRETTY MUCH A CATASTROFUCK. I see what you did there, yahoo finance. Of course you took down the giant "Housing markets suck, jobs suck, new econ data shows recession is far from over" within the first 5 minutes you posted it. The dow was up +111, of course you did. I guess I'm being too harsh...if I had hundreds of thousands in equities, I would follow mob mentality too, even if it's just high tier manipulation.

  • Dan: my wife had a dream that I was gay. When she woke up, she asked me if I was the pitcher or the catcher. I told her I was both.

I had TGIFriday's today. I said it once, I will say it again: crackburgers. crackburgers and sweet potato crackfries. It was so good, I took one bite and my eyes comically widened.

Oh high schoolers. I forgot how y'all typed and spoke. grargh

Everywhere you go, there you are. What do people really expect to be miraculously solved? 

Is it so hard to get a martial arts teacher around here that isn't. Uhhhh. How do I put this without sounding racist. Well in any case, not sure if I wanna take a class where my friend tells me you had them sparring within two weeks and it was "crazy". Presumably because no one knew what they were doing and were just punching and flailing hoping to make contact. Crazy, alright. (are you out of your mind?) On the other hand, can beggars be choosers? 

And again, I go to bed at an indecently late hour, for no readily discernable reason. Fuck. 

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