Tuesday, April 14, 2009

p.s random conversations of the day

It's shut down week but all the processors are still here doing routing changes/clean up. About 5 hours into day two:

  • Nick: *is interrupted by a series of loud bangs presumably from the shop floor*
  • Nick:
  • Nick:
  • Nick: ... looks like someone couldn't take it. Poor guy.
  • Nick: alright. alright we can do this. ready to tear it up?!? :D
  • Andy (incredulously): tear it up? tear it up? do you know what we're doing here? I'm about to tear my hair out D:<
  • J: hey what is that smell? it smells like these fluffy white buns called man tou. ^^V
  • K: ...that's the ethanol burning.
  • J: ...oh

p.s HH: badass because we have our own electric power grid. Until Mama tech center comes, with its bajillion power grids, and then HH turns its tail and walks away. 

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