Thursday, April 2, 2009

spn ftw

GOSH. I forgot how much I adore Supernatural. 

  • writer: ooh.....well. this one's kinda different. like vonnegut different.
  • dean (urgent): what, slaughterhouse five vonnegut or cat's cradle vonnegut?
  • sam: *looks at dean incredulously*
  • dean: ....what? 
  • sam: nothing, nothing.

Brotherly love > Dean's pride!! Hello kitty bandaids! Castiel. If any show could pull off a scruffy Paul Walker-esque trenchcoat wearing angel, it would be this one. The way he can't interfere but when Dean threatens not to 'interfere' when the situation is reversed, he gives veiled help. In the form of LAWL not supposed to be doing this, but I need you. The slanted sideways look of Mutual Understanding just kills me. 

  • dean: ok. so everything he writes about us somehow happens in real life. so we do EVERYTHING OPPOSITE today.
  • sam: fine. we don't fight. that means you don't eat any bacon cheeseburgers.
  • dean (disgusted): .....fine. i'll have a...tofu veggie burger.

When it comes, he takes a bite and goes dude. [beat] This is delicious. Tofu rocks! And then the waitress comes by and says 'oh sorry, I accidentally gave you the bacon cheeseburger instead.' She takes it away and Dean just looks at Sam like "O_O..." *IS MORTALLY OFFENDED AT HAVING BEEN TRICKED BY THE TOFU*

  • castiel: you can't hurt him. he's a prophet.
  • dean: what
  • castiel: *shrugs* you should have seen luke. 

and yes. I would have to say the best line of the episode: 


..."you've got to be kidding me." 

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  1. where can i get all seasons of supernatural? i've been looking for them since i left zambia....