Saturday, April 18, 2009

He steps away from his car with a song

There's a cool place here called the Burger Barge. Since Friday was so nice outside, we sat on the benches/patio when we went to lunch. It was really pretty since it's right on the edge of the river. 

  • K: what happened to your hands?
  • Dan: they got scratched up... I was doing some rough work.
  • J: what, from pitching or catching?
  • Dan: o_o
  • Dan:
  • Dan:
  • Dan: LOLOLOL

Also nice was looking right and seeing 3 LARGE ducks about 1 foot away from me, begging for food. Like the cute little fat birds that wait outside of moe's at tech square, these were. Unafraid. And then there comes this GIANT BIRD. Seriously, its neck is about a foot long, and it just stares dan down while slowly approaching. 

  • K: I am not feeding that bird. It looks like it's fixin' to eat off my plate.

Dan gives it an onion ring. Soon 3 more appear. 

p.s tried vinegar and chips. A+

My apartment is filthy.

Also, resume update fail. Wish I could just staple my monthly reports to the back instead of having to condense it all into four lines. 


  1. those big birds are called geese. they're about your size and if you give them food off your fingers, they'll take your hand.

    believe me, i know from personal experience, shawty

  2. hey! thanks for stopping by my blog. finally i found a friend that also blogs. i kinda just started so mine i'm still learning the ins and outs of blogger.