Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The very thought of you...

I need to stop listening to Sinatra and being mushy. Seriously, my eyes go soft, my brain goes elsewhere, and I zone out for a good three minutes. Hey, like the song! ..People are starting to give me funny looks.

I ran into diesel mechanic guy today. AHHHHHHHWWWWQQQUUUAARRRD. 

Either the workplace makes you more direct and efficient or I've just never looked people in the eyes before. I suspect it's both. Because when I walk in with a question and three eyes are like ZUUUMMM focused on you with lazer intensity, it makes lesser mortals kind of. Back up into cubicle walls. Not that I did that. Today, anyway. Jeebus, sometimes the day is so full of caterpillar fail. 

I did find pictures on Kdrive though, so I can finally explain to everyone what the heck TTT component factory HH makes. Last time I tried, I drew a diagram that vaguely resembled a bean. I say this because Peter asked, "Is that a bean?" 

(the conversation continued in my head: 'no. no it is the lower powertrain of a track type tractor.'  'well it looks like a bean.'

My brother loves me :) Ok, he didn't say that in so many words. Ok, he didn't say that at all. But he sent me movies and indie music! Through the mail!! (the writing was big and insistent in permanent marker on the envelope, doesn't it figure. Daniel has always given off a very 'I WILL NOT BE IGNORED' vibe. Not that anybody ever could, anyway) And he didn't sell the Wii because I told him not to! (until mario galaxy is beat, anyway) In my world, that combination's about as close to love as anybody will ever get. Come to think of it, the other time was when he left his DS for me. Huh. WHAT, NINTENDO BRINGS MY FAMILY TOGETHER. /:)



  1. haha, nice.
    so uh, what music was it?? heh.. heh......

    please note:
    all epic adventures to begin with large group baobao. no exceptions whatsoever.