Friday, April 24, 2009


You guys, I'm sad. And I may have expressed this sentiment in some sort of juvenile whine across all electronic mediums (twitter, aim, blogspot...) some time in the past 6 hours. 

I heard my supervisor argue in a meeting for the first time today. I was like O_O. There was a lot of 'I disagree' and the operators going 'you can disagree but it doesnt change anything' and a snarled 'I'm trying to make this right!!' Guys, he is seriously the most impressive man I've ever met, hands down. Not only that, everyone likes him. Everyone. There is some strange quality about him that makes you think, almost against your will, 'how can I do more for him, even if there is no compensation for me?' It is just weird. My relationship with him has been really awkward, actually. Because I tend to freeze up. But he's pretty much the epitome of the kind of person I want to become in the future..

And THE STACK ATTACK. His real name is Fred Stackley, and onversations with him were incredibly awkward too, now that I think about it. Until the last few months, when I let the sarcasm show up in my voice, and he laughed. And then I was less nervous! Plus he said my dinosaur was a dinosaur, and not a killer chicken. So +1000 points for him. He's young-ish (my brother's age) so for some reason I kinda secretly wanted to drink beer and hang out with him. And be sarcastic. Okay, Supervisor's 27 too, but he's married with a kid. So...less with the wanting to hang out. But yeah, Fred was just, idk. Man, I really liked him. 

Then there's Mustang!fred, who drives the yellow mustang. He was always nice to me... T___T 

I don't get attached to a lot of things, but for those few that slip under the radar, it takes me a really, really long time to let go. But I think if I had 6 more months of this crap, I definitely would not be feeling this emo over it. Ugh, all the awkwardness. SO MUCH AWKWARDNESS, GUYS

Still, it was kinda great. To them, we were just another round of interns. But to us, they were part of a team of highly capable men whose presence was all at once intimidating, impressive, and comforting. Kinda like how you're in a room of engineers and you feel strangely safe because you know every one of them can simultaneously school your ass and get shit done.

So, uh. Take your time forgetting us. It'll be slow going on this side of the fence.

Bye bye, Peoria! 

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