Monday, April 13, 2009

From my boat I can see your house

I'm glad I can say 'shit' again. Also glad I don't feel like it very often anymore. 

Due to certain recent developments, I am REALLY REALLY EXCITED. Also, about to be really poor. JEEBUS, SO EXCITED. I GRIN EVERY TIME I THINK ABOUT IT.

I think when I get back, I'm putting an end to most of my t-shirt/baseball cap wearing days. Got too many nicer clothes that are just collecting dust in the closet. +too used to the cool papery feel of dress shirts. 

Dang, missed the gucci watch sale. sadface

T-11 days. OH MY GOODNESS 11 DAYS. You know what this means?! I can finally get my computer reformatted!!!

I'm planning afternoon tea with my mom for mother's day!!! It's going to be Expensive =/ but we can both get dressed up all preppy and crap and eat things with clotted cream, so what the heck. 

Wish the market rally would end already. It's starting to become annoying, waiting for the downfall. 

Today I finally met someone over the phone that I'd been hearing about really often for a while now. He was every bit as interesting as I thought he'd be. Anyway, his laptop got stolen ("dude it got fuckin' ninja'ed!") and he was talking about how he'd actually read a book. (+ like 8 hours on his DS; I liked him immediately) Which got me thinking. How often do I look at the time but ignore how I'm spending it? And then half the stuff I do has no real value at all. I could be reading! Or learning something!!! ==> I'm going computerless once every week. Once I get back from work, anyway. Supervisor wouldn't be too happy. 

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