Sunday, April 5, 2009

Simple things

Things to do when I get home:

  1. The chicken and pizza place next to hmart.
  2. Twilight princess. Stallord is going down, but man those zant heads are freaky.
  3. Two words: emo bangs. no wait. 'fob hair'. No more of this conservative crap.
  4. Reformatting my computer bc lawl surprise! Trojan.
  5. Visit tech/roomies
  6. Paint my nails black
  8. Vaccuum my room for spiders, make sure mom hasn't thrown away Giant Pikachu
  9. Track down my brother. (He will have time for me, dang it! He will make it or I will be delivering epic Beat downs!) 
  10. Zaxby's. 
  11. Beanie hang out time. Complete with chinese newspaper runs at 10pm.
  12. GUITAR
  14. PIANO

in no particular order. The last one especially is very dubious.

Things I will miss about Illinois:

  • Doing thousand piece puzzles with my roommate
  • Getting to learn about multibillion dollar technology (3 micron!)
  • Drawing mario mushrooms on my cubicle magnets
  • Proximity to Indiana, St. Louis, Chicago, etc
  • Being given candy by people I don't know. wait...that happens no matter where I go.
  • Church message == lying on the bed listening to Andy Stanley's podcast while drinking milk tea. 
  • Business casual
  • 3 words: chain link forging. 
  • Peaceful saturdays with nothing to do but drink a cafe au lait with donuts
  • Breakfast at 12, lunch at 4, dinner at 9
  • Unrestricted access to pretty much every statistical package known to man. 
  • Snow!!!

yeahp. 20 more days and I am outta here.


  1. 14. Visit Mel; party with Giant Pikachu

  2. 15. Kiss Stephanie -- really Janet. how could you forget?!?!!