Thursday, January 15, 2009

baby's first subzero weather!

yeah. not gonna lie. it was pretty cool. i was scraping the inside of the windshield for my carpool buddy's side as she was driving on the inside line. ok, pretty cool other than the fact that it was cold. 

last night we had dinner at this chinese buffet thing, it was like the millions of other chinese buffets. but alas, group think. nevertheless, i should make a point here.

Janet: [makes conversation with cute boy] *mumble mumble*
Cute boy: what?
Janet: [looks down] *MUMBLE MUMBLE*
Cute boy: oh, haha, yeah. I’ll try that, then.
Janet: I’m really quiet lol. 
Cute boy: It’s okay, I’ll just learn to listen better. *gets up for more food*
Janet: …huh.
Roommate: hey what was that plopping sound?
Janet: my willpower hitting the snow with a dull, ironic thunk. 
Roommate: …wait--
Janet: SHUT UP.

Which goes to prove, yes. Women are incredibly easy (TO UNDERSTAND). so, is it november 2nd yet? no? damn. 

p.s you make bullets by pressing the button on top of the toolbar next to the quote button! ok nap time.


  1. Down Janet! *sprays with water*

  2. at least he was legal this time. and didn't have to be bribed into my van with candy.