Tuesday, January 13, 2009


so everyone in my office seems to look like someone from either The Office or Office Space. i kid you not. 

1. my supervisor reminds me of jim halpert. not because they look alike, although he does have boyishly good looks, but because they act alike. he is pretty freaking awesome. i like him a lot.

2. there's two guys who work in the cubicle next to us. there's no other way to describe them but AWESOME. SO AWESOME. one of them looks like this: 

and i'm not even exaggerating. he seriously looks like that, to the point where i was considering asking him if anyone had ever said anything to him. 

3. the guy next to him is my favorite. he's 22 but never went to college i think but he's reeeally high up. or not high up, but really important. works with spindles and other various things... he keeps reminding me of someone else, but i can't figure it out....the closest i can come to is bereta.

he's just as sarcastic, and really funny, and flings rubber bands at his coworkers. they are like 40 years old. "fling it at [supervisor]!" Toby-lookalike tells Bereta. jim halpert is in a meeting. as much crap as they give jim ("...you guys are so full of crap." -Jim), even bereta would not dare.

4. there's a guy in hard grind (shut up shut up shut up) who looks like this: 

but he's really nice and does all his work, even the bitch work, so that the lowly interns do not have to update his value stream maps. and he always smiles. i like him. 

there's more, but i'll leave off for now. today was just talking to these processors about the maps, walking around the floor with all the machinery and other stuff. it was nice because jim, toby, and bereta are hilarious. x]

then after work, we went to downtown peoria to look around and eat dinner. we ended up going to 



...yeah. it wasn't my idea. take note that we were two girls (my roommate and i). 


*SHRUG*???? first of all, i'd like to know why they keep their legs this unnatural shade of tanned brown, especially if they're not going to tan their arms and face too. but i guess that way you only look half hideous. also, there's no need for those hula hoops, girls. you're not really-- ok, i'm just gonna leave that one alone. third, i saw their boss, and i'd like to know how he doesn't feel like a dirty old man. actually i'd like to know how the teenageish girls who work there and get leered at by middle aged guys can actually stand it.*shudder* that being said, at least i can say i went! first time for everything, right!? good grief. 

crap it's 8:45. CRAP! bedtime.


  1. First off, the office is AWESOME.

    Second, THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID. (hard grind) I know, I had to say it.

    Yeah, when I interned at AOL, I could identify people in the office as characters from The Office. =)

  2. My sister knew a girl who worked at Hooters in high school. It's not the girl who became a soft-core porn star (she used to be a babysitter), but she's still pretty much a whore. Not a professional one, though. :-)

  3. Aw, I'm glad that you like your coworkers!! And liking your supervisor is a good plus too. I think I saw mine like... 10 days out of [however many days over the summer]. Okay, maybe 20.