Monday, January 12, 2009

constantly thinking about

  1. a sundress for every day of the week.
  2. sand in your toes. in your hair. (ugh) in your swimsuit. (a bearable burden)
  3. water that sparkles so bright, you need sunglasses.
  4. open windows.
  5. no windows. nature.
  6. roadtrip.
  7. roadtrip.
  8. roadtrip.
  9. ice cream and bubble tea and shaved ice after a little time at the pool.
  10. the sticky, annoying feel of sunblock that never washes off. and the summery smell of it.
  11. sugared strawberries and ai-yu bing in the quiet afternoon after the yard work.
  12. "hey dad, you wanna go on a cruise?"
  13. horrible, cliche chick flick novels. maybe even a romance novel. (O_O?????) by the pool.
  14. summer rains.

i was thinking today; i was thinking, no matter how much you like or even love someone, everyone deserves to be with a person who puts them first in their heart. not because of convenience, or familiarity, or anything else. your mind wanders when you do value stream maps all day.

JEEBUS it was cold today.

work was more bearable with music.

if i don't come up with more ways to cook chicken, we're going to have a problem this semester.

i'm gonna work on smiling at people. usually i look down/away and smile. then i mentally smack myself because they might be offended that i looked away and smiled at the salt shaker. I CANNAH HELP IT.

the scrubs premiere was pretty good! and with that, good night.

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