Saturday, January 10, 2009

considerably less.

so i thought i'd upload some pictures of...organized chaos.

AHAHAA this one had to go first. not only because it made me laugh the hardest, but because emily will absolutely murder me when she finds out i posted this.

hommmeeeee. before i left.

on the way there. it's lots of cornfields.

my humble abode. don't let the kitchen fool you. IT'S A NEST OF BUGS. HIDING FROM THE COLD. but it's okay because i just killed the one that's been annoying me for 4 days 5 minutes ago. /:)


the backyard. it doesnt seem like it in this pic, but we're actually on the third floor and it's like a giant pit of dangerous forest separated by fragile railing. which means i better not piss off my roommate.

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  1. your profile picture makes me miss you.
    have you made a snowman yet? :D