Saturday, January 24, 2009


yesterday i found the office supply closet. *GRINS* anyone who's been around me long enough knows i have a huge thing for pens. nothing in particular about them. i just like having them. and, there are lots of them. 

toby brought lots of donuts because i think it was his birthday. some of them were jelly filled, and since they sit in a cubicle next to us, i could hear the conversation:

  • random woman: oo but how do you know what kind of jelly's inside?
  • toby: just do like andy, and stick your finger inside.
  • toby: in the bottom. 
  • me: ....omg. omgomg. i have to, um. *flees*
  • me, 2 minutes later in the bathroom: THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID

oh, also the cute RA of my apt building came around to get signatures of all the residents. more conversation fail ensued.

  • mike: oh btw since you're not an icc student you missed the sex and chocolate seminar.
  • me: (vaguely hunted look on face) er.
  • mike: basically we want you to practice safe sex. so here, take a handful of condoms. *holds out bag*
  • me: um, no thanks. i-i-i don't. um. use them. i mean, or need them. so, uh. i mean, not that i don't use them, but i mean i don't .. use them? 
  • me, thinking: oh God. 

i told matt that mike probably thinks i'm on the pill. *FACEPALM* so yeah that was incredibly, incredibly failtastic.

that night we went out to eat at an irish pub in downtown peoria and i met some new people! and then we got back and did a movie night. i walked back to my place to drop off the leftover food, and on my way to their room i got hit on by 3 guys on the stairs. it was really creepy. 

  • one of them: how YOU doin'? 
  • me: hi (WALK FASTER OMG) 
  • 2 others: haha you got owned.

i get to the room and go

  • me: eurgh, i just got hit on. it was really sketchy.
  • sean, chris, zack, all over 6'1: they outside? want us to go beat 'em up? cuz we'll do it!
  • me: ...nothing wins me over faster than when boys offer to inflict pain to defend my honor. *__*
  • sean: what are the odds of the RA coming over? whatever, i'm getting a beer.

about four hours later, when the movie's over and i'm walking back to my apt, i pass him again. this time his arm's around a girl.

  • sketch guy: how YOU doin'?
  • me: hi (SERIOUSLY?) 
  • guy (overheard 5 seconds later talking to the girl): but baby, i know her! i swear!
  • girl: AND I'M THE QUEEN OF FRANCE (ok she didn't really say that)
  • me: AHAHAHAHA. LAWL. hey why is there a condom filled with snow on the sidewalk? 

yeah. that plus driving down the boonies to walmart to get cookie mix and having the girls blast savage garden, complete with hand movements. and at the end, wailing "I WANT A BOYFRIENDD. WHERE'S MY PRINCE CHARMINGGGGGG T__T" it was fun. 


  1. man, it sounds like you're having so much fun over there :) i'm happy (and so freaking jealous ) for you.

    in other news,

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHA... ... to everything.

    Okay okay... YOU MUST FIND THIS PERFECT PEN. IT'S CALLED PINWHEEL. I found it while working over the summer... and apparently it's not sold commercially b/c the company basically sells to companies. .. If that makes sense. Anyway, THIS PEN IS AMAZING and Stephanie and vouch for me on that.

    But anyway, it sounds like you've met some good people.. It's good to hear that you're not just hiding in your room playing Pandemic.. (SIGH)... Anyway, maybe I should reconsider this blog thing. I have all these random pointless things to tell someone and since you're not here to listen, they're just staying completely useless. Like how the College Night at the High was a complete FAIL this weekend. Yeah. I actually wrote "FAIL" in my agenda after the fact. ... Anyway. Goodnight Kitty. :)