Wednesday, January 28, 2009

dropping 'i'm sorry's like you're still around

i worked 13 hours today! and i will do the same thing tomorrow!

but that's okay, because of this freaking awesome machine! more on that later.

random thought of the day:

remember how i was all like 'what the fuck i am an engineer' at abercrombie.

but now i'm at caterpillar where the ratio is 1:30 with GIANT INDUSTRIAL MACHINES and all i can think of is how i belong in a frilly dress at the mall.

it goes to show, i am suffering an identity crisis. and that's not really. new. um. oh hey look pizza!


  1. Work is mega stressful, don't let it get to you too much! Just gotta party every night, and party every day, sleep from time to time. :D

  2. haha, don't worry babe, everyone suffers an identity :)