Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Life goals

One day I'm going to buy my dad a Mercedes. 

It's gonna have one of those huge red bows on it and i'm gonna park that fucker right on the driveway and wait for them to wake up. 

because working is no fun. it's exhausting. and he has an hour long drive to a place where he's 60 and working as a COMPUTER SOFTWARE DEVELOPER. which means he's writing code. and he doesnt even like it but he does it for +20 years because that's what you do for your family. and then he comes home to my mom, who just nags. and i avoid his hugs. dude when was the last time anybody hugged him? but i can't because seriously, i am not going there after so much childhood trauma. but yeah. 

i can't even imagine how tired he must be. i can't imagine the weariness settling in his bones, year after year, and coming home to a cold house. where he does nothing but look at watches and look at news articles while he eats dinner. 

he's always wanted a benz, just because. it's nice. but you can't even afford those things with the weight of all that sacrifice for your family. 

wait a little bit. it's gonna be a huge fucking bow.


  1. i think he'd like a hug more. (i think you know that too.)