Wednesday, January 21, 2009

quiet now, you're sucking the charm out

so i had a lot of things to say about love. sex. friendship. but i'm too tired. maybe later

went to dinner/drinks last night because it was my roommate's birthday. i told her about lorraine, and she said something that actually surprised me. 'oh, don't be so lazy. you're just not willing to put the effort to convince your parents'. which i suppose is true. so i was dead set on it today. and then i flip flopped. ahh whatever. 

my REAL roomies sent me a video :) it was awesome (esp. the edited text 'THATS WHAT SHE SAID'). except for shune. shune, if you read this, i'm going to exact my revenge when i come back. 

i do have to say: not having to deal with boys is like the BEST THING EVER.  

so yesterday, conversation went something like this:

  • guy: blah blah blah, turrets blah blah
  • me: *perks up* turrets?! like in portal? and i wanna be the guy? do you think turrets exist in real life? what are turrets? *is completely fascinated*
  • guy: well you see they are people who believe that the U.S is the embodiment of evil, and want to take down christianity blah blah blah
  • me: [o-oh. OH. wow i'm going to continue this conversation with horrified growing awareness and debate whether the awkwardness of telling you what i thought you said outweighs the embarassment of seeming like i do not know what a terrorist is. CONVERSATION FAIL ABORT ABORT ABORT]
  • me: i see.


  1. What is that? What's that? Ooo, what's that?


  2. janet bao bao?

    *does the handshake*

    you have to admit, the music was very well done.

  3. p.s.

    can't wait for you to get back :)