Saturday, January 10, 2009

that montserrat mystique

i bought a beanie in atl and while it looks good, i also look exactly like the korean boys i usually go for. 


one day i'm going to go to school as a boy and see if anyone at school can tell. given how most korean boys at tech look like GIRLS, with their headbands and manbags and moderately feminine features. (fuck that.) 

on another note, next wednesday's low is a whopping -4F. baby's first subzero weather!!! i'm...kind of morbidly fascinated.

work is better. gotta set up the webcam today...i'm tired of talking to people on the phone. idk why, but it just seems like voices. and i miss people, not voices. still, it's getting a lot easier, like we all knew it would. you know. after the week of bitching.

also, it's been a whole day since i've killed a bug!!!!!!!


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