Sunday, January 18, 2009

They tell me it gets easier

if this is ever a situation you find yourself in, just. well. 

ARGH. gtl is stressing me out. i find it awesome how the only real thing stopping me is the fact that i don't have an airplane buddy. 

i spent all weekend watching movies, cooking, and playing this math card game hibisca taught me. and surfing the internet! 

when i was at home, whenever my parents wanted to go out for dinner and i was in bum pants and who knows what else, i'd just say 'i dont feel like going out' and then we'd eat at home because they didn't want to leave me out or whatever. but there's so many restaurants out there that are so good, just waiting to be explored. i think after i get back i'm gonna spend more time eating out with the fam. because they deserve to eat more good food, and not just a steady supply of chipotle and h-mart food court fare. also i really really want to take mom out to afternoon tea. it's 28 dollars a head, but what else am i gonna be doing with all this paper besides NOT GOING TO FRANCE?

have you ever talked with someone and just like. done a double take? like WOW, when did you turn into a bitch? =/

speaking of which, men: if you can't stand her when she's pms'ing, get out now. because that shit ain't goin anywhere for a while. 

craving korean food....craving so much korean food...

there's apparently been a peanut butter recall due to salmonella. but honestly, i just discovered the deliciousness that is peanut butter toast. i'm going to have to do a little prioritizing here. 

p.s who won america's next top model?



  1. You're thinking of going to Metz?

  2. Those tea snacks looks yummy. And that math card game is not supposed to be cool or fun. Sigh. But yay for movies and cooking! :)