Sunday, January 11, 2009

let's start a blog re-revolution. 

things i learned/did this week:

  • i like eating peanut butter with a spoon. seriously just discovered this today.
  • got my simplistic personal finances in order with Quicken.
  • even though intentions mean shit if you don't follow through with actions, sometimes they still count for something. 
  • i am not going to france this summer.
  • when you want to find solace in old things (e.g people) that used to make you happy, and they're not there anymore, you just have deal with it because you will get stronger.
  • God's presence doesn't lesson the pain, He just makes it bearable. 
  • the thing with finances and God is that He doesn't care about the worldly possessions, He just knows that if He gets our stuff, He gets our heart. 
  • love is not black and white. people are not black and white. (wait...) 
  • what i mean to say is. it's easy to think badly of someone because of how much they hurt you, but there was goodness and light there, once. 



  1. janet bao bao~

    i found you. randomly. how whack is that?

    and in response to last bullet: is it really a past tense, or would you rather say, there is goodness and light there?

    go figure.

  2. - i remember the day i discovered the beauty of eating peanut butter with a spoon. welcome to the other side.
    - oh shoot. you use quicken? you're frickin old now.
    - intentions mean that you owe me a meal now. =D
    - theyre yellow?

    (how do you make bullet points???)