Thursday, February 12, 2009

and the drums, (ah ah ahh ah)


all it takes to make me happy these days is being able to wear skinny jeans and chucks. 



also, secret service guys are way cool.

and today after dinner, we went to walmart for some grocery shopping. this cute little baby turned around at the granola bar section and was all like :D and i was like 3.84 for a box of granola?! *turns around* *stares at baby* 

  • baby: :D
  • baby: :D
  • me: awwwwww *waves*
  • baby's mom: marion, stop flirting with girls.
  • baby: *coo* 


ahgh! bed time.


  1. alright. some kind of line must be drawn here. this one really is too young for you Janet.

  2. Oh god. Janet. *turns hose on Janet*