Friday, February 13, 2009

work stories

12 hour work days are rough. spindle cells still amazing. multibillion dollar spindle cells, apparently. they were talking about pictures and cameras. pictures and cameras are a no no, or else they take you out back and run you over with a finished track type tractor. ok that last part may have been an exaggeration.

the one thing i did get out of it was this pair of safety goggles. they TAKE UP HALF MY FACE. i'll have to post a picture of it some time. they're like those huge sunglasses that scemo kids wear, only less gay. (i kid.) they're actually just as gay, but they can stand uv and high velocity projectile. so. 

i met the deaf guy in our building today. it was nice to put a name to the strange noises i heard around the place. he's one of the nicest guys ever. it sounds cliche, but when i saw him communicating with one of the german emag spindle guys who only speaks rough english, i kind of gained a little more faith in humanity.

that being said, the fall out from last night happened to be that the lines stuck in my head all day? went something like "ohhhh your sex is on fire.....ALL THE SINGLE LADIES (all the single ladies!)" and then my left eye started twitching.  

the d11 spindles are FUCKING HUGE. at first you see the d6's and you're like O HAI, SPINDLE. and then they run the d11s and those things are spinning at like 3947237rpm and you just feel like its massive size can kill a guy with one blow, literally. and then you see d6's again on the second runoff and are all like o hai you adorable little thing. you are like 5x smaller. yeah that was random

the german emag guys are awesome. there's something so cool about people who can glean information from unintelligable papers. engineers, mechanics, architects, specialists. it's incredibly, incredibly impressive. hehehe the one whose operation i time is really funny. his name is heiko, and the other's is bernd. apparently they're common names. 

  • me: *pokepoke* *points at RED SIGN on giant control screen*
  • heiko: argh. 
  • pm: *mildly concerned*
  • heiko: ( determines datum a face and bottom is uneven after much work). bernd! you gave us scrapped parts! (bernd runs op 10, which comes before op20) 
  • heiko: (hours later when we are filling in data) write "bernd fucked up the tool change."
  • karla/me:
  • karla/me:
  • heiko: in the comment box right next to the operation time data. 
  • karla/me:....we're not going to write that.
  • heiko: but it's more interesting that way! 

then there's this other german dude who's like 65 years old and probably smarter than. really really smart people. he started talking to me about heiko..:

  • other german guy: you have to yell at him because he doesn't listen to me. hit him! hit him in the head! with anything you find! 
  • me: O_O
  • other german guy: don't be afraid of his size. just. just right over the head. like so!*demonstrates with empty water bottle*
  • me: 
  • me:
  • other german guy: here, have a peppermint candy. 

jeebus. german guys are awesome. 




  2. dude, i own the white vans..muahaha