Wednesday, February 11, 2009

sorry officer, is there a certain age you're supposed to be?

you'll never, ever guess who is coming to my building tomorrow. in my cafeteria. and i will be watching it on cnn as it happens because it is all exclusive and only 80 people get to see him. except for my supervisor, who got a "special invitation". half of me is like are you kidding me? and the other half is seriously not surprised at all. when i say he's a badass, i am totally not kidding. 

today was raincoat day! sometimes my mom splurges just to spite me. i guess she thinks these things are important, and knows i'll never buy them myself. which is why i have a really, really nice raincoat. moms always seem to know their kids best, which i know shouldn't be weird, but still is.

some things are dangerously easy to get used to (fuck that). 

amidst all the oblivious people i'm around, an occasional bit of awareness always takes me by surprise. it's strange to think maybe i can't assume the worst in people.

i'm gonna say this periodically throughout my stay here: german engineering is amazing. i was in the gear lab today and saw quite possibly the second most accurate measuring/probing device in the world. the world! spec limits within 3 micron. jeebus.

speaking of which, work sucked. ok cpk studies were cool. but then we finished and they were all HEY can you do this thing in the mainframe and i am all like what? you know, the things with the black screen and the neon green type? and if you type a wrong word or you press enter (you don't click things because using mouses (mouses? mice?) is bad. possibly the world implodes). i'll say it right now: that shit is ridiculous. props to every cs-adept person in the history of ever. while you are worthy of everyone's respect for being mainframe savvy, i suspect you all might be touched in the head because some guy out there had to design this. and i'd really love to know what he was thinking.

i got a pair of scissors at work and now i can't stop cutting things. o_o

btw, 'happy valentines day, charlie brown' is adorable. so adorable.

p.s lawl steph, it's from motion city soundtrack. though it does worry me that of the three, you picked the lipstick to be concerned about :P

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