Tuesday, February 17, 2009

i don't wanna hear you tell me everything is wonderful now

my phone is doing that stupid thing where it won't ring when people call me. =/ which i suspect is because eggwhites seeped in the front. and the back. and the sides. and it wasn't my fault, in the sense that it was totally my fault. how was i supposed to know the egg would break in that bag on my way to matt's to make a birthday cake???? eggs never break! (yeah...they always break)

dude my mom is shipping nian gao and tai yang bing to me. \o/

i finally downloaded 14:59 and i am kind of disappointed. :( on the flip side, i now haz a summer mix. it's pretty epic.

so apparently in germany, they have beer vending machines at work. if it ever runs out, someone has to go and buy beer or else everyone quits and goes home.
  • heiko: that was bernd's job.
  • bernd: *glares*

butyeah...they go home this thursday. the spindle cell's new mechanics will be heiko's colleague and bernd's boss. o_0 lol nice timing, we're running 80 parts next week. i'm really glad though, that they can go back. they've been here for a year, after all. i kinda wanna go to germany and drink a lot of beer..

in other news, i woke up today and savored the feeling.