Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Let's meet up in 25 years, then we'll see what's going on

it's a little disorienting when i stumble on an acquaintance's fb page to find that they've grown up to be completely gorgeous. i kind of stared at her picture like. confused, a la she's an actual person and we know each other, and she's normal, yet really... really beautiful. i don't...understand this.

i'm giving up cussing for lent. even though i'm not catholic. but i intend to do it, because 40 days of fasting is hardcore. ok that's not the real reason, but whatever. 

o, mg, C++ is the WORST THING EVER. also, my dad is so cool. ever have those moments where your dad is just your dad until you discover first hand that he's, like, brilliant at what he does? 

see this? this is gut check time. or it's the bunny slope, which i respect not. 

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