Friday, February 6, 2009

i need to stop cursing.

look! a mildly controversial topic!

gentlemen, gather round. protective cups are in the back.

so here's what i've gathered about boys, on a purely observational and possibly flawed scale. 

they all think one girl is better than the rest. most often it's a girlfriend. no, it is not true, they say. ha! it usually goes something along the lines of "sure, other girls may be like that. but not [insert girl's name]." or they hold her to a higher standard. i'm not talking about prettier, more intelligent, or what not. i'm talking a better person. i'm talking worth. and now let me tell you something.

that is the biggest piece of bullshit i have ever heard in my entire life. 

girls are all. the same. which is to say, if you like her, sure. the sun is gonna shine outta her ass. but someone else loves his girl, and so what makes yours so much better? your opinion? because that's all i can think of. and if that's the case, what makes your opinion better than the next guy's? 

and let me address that thing above. that whole sure other girls blah blah blah? no. i don't care who the fuck you are. if you're a girl--no matter how different any of us are--you understand other girls better than any boy, ever. maybe just a little bit more. maybe a lot more. it comes from being a girl-- which guys will never be, except in extreme cases that involve operating tables and possibly silicon. but i digress. if you're a boy, you will never know what it's like when a girl's heart is broken, or when she's pms'ing, or those times she's grumpy just because (you know what i'm talking about). not because you've never had a broken heart, but because you don't know what it's like to be a girl. it's the same reason all my attempts to understand and talk and write about boys in this entry will fall short. no one will ever know, and the only thing left is sympathy.

so when a girl makes a generalization about other girls, you don't assume yours is above that. because we know what it's like, from the crippling insecurity to the concealed but ever present vanity. 

we need a companion, not a fucking pedestal. (...if shune makes a short joke here, i'll eat his soul!!!) 

what i'm trying to say (and what you probably won't believe) is that your girl is not better. sorry. the value of one is the same as any other. the fact that you love her just makes her that much more beautiful in your eyes. and that's nothing to look down on. 



in other news, i got schooled in excel today. my supervisor is so badass. 

thoughts as i eat more fries doused with more mayonnaise followed by a milky way bar: 'i'm going to die. really really early. yum.' 

trust is a two way thing. 

that giant cliff-like dropoff into the forest in the back of my apt building? a group of guys was looking curiously down there. not sure if they were college kids or professional whoserwhatsits. i was just hoping they weren't looking for a body or something. all i know is that on my way up the stairs i pass another guy off to the side, looking at them from about 100 feet away with fierce concentration and opening/shutting his pocket knife. yeah i dont...really wanna think about the implications. 

i smiled a lot today. (thanks) 

does anybody use is it any good? quicken lags.

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  1. i've come to realize i enjoy reading your writing.

    no short joke.