Thursday, February 26, 2009

third time in a doorway with the lights all on around us

jeebus. work sucks when they start elevating you from the grunt work to the REAL work. because while grunt work is boring, at least you're not like. ho crap how am i gonna program this to actually create a database. and WTF is that crazy smart gear analyst even talking about? i can't do that to a database! and he probably thinks i know what i'm doing because i keep nodding and smiling! stop nodding! stop it! ahhh!! 

i took a tour of building SS today, where all the tractors actually get assembled. it is hands down the coolest thing i have ever seen. .. this year. the d11 carrydozer? the lowest part of the track (you know, how it kinda looks like a triangle) is TALLER THAN ME. that thing musta been like 30 feet. 

and you know what else? today my supervisor made a short joke. i kid you not. 

  • brandon: yeah those things are really crazy because you have no idea how big they are until you stand right next to them.
  • me: it's true! it was so cool! i was shorter than the undercarriage! and didnt even come close to the final drive!
  • brandon: well, you're probably shorter than the wheels on the d6's, actually.
  • brandon:
  • brandon:
  • brandon: you know, you're probably shorter than the wheels on the forklifts.
  • me: aklsdjfahklsdhfaliufahlksdjahkfljlhfahusdilfas

but yeah. looking at these super complicated engines and like. the transmission and these huge freaking tractors, it was just the coolest thing. also i was like WOW Diesel Mechanic Guy works with these. [looks at complicated contraption]. dang, he just got like 10 times hotter. not going bowling today, though...sigh. i figure every other week is probably a good idea. sucks. curse my weakness for tall, snarky blondes! >:O 

in the same vein, i probably should not have cooked that rib eye steak in butter. man, if i don't come back 40 pounds heavier, the world is going to exact its karmic revenge some other way.

argh, going to bed. seriously, what i wouldn't give to be on the beach with a corona and lime. 

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  1. note:

    it's only a joke if it's not true.

    in your case...