Friday, February 27, 2009

doesn't matter what i do (i don't take it out on you)

so today i realized perhaps the work i'm doing is actually maybe important, by which i mean oh crap. because first the senior database engineer stopped by to ask me about it. i heard you were working on it, he said. yeah, i said. then my supervisor came and asked. passed straight by my coworker (which never happens because she's kind of the first thing people see; charismatic etc etc) too. and then when my supervisor's boss came and asked about it, i kind of stopped and was like ok what the heck azz is going on here. 

i remember, yknow, when i used to shy away from responsibility last semester. i saw an opening for an internship and didn't even apply when i read 'weekly project reports expected'; that's how intimidating it was. and then all of a sudden you're being pushed into something that actually requires thinking and you realize you can do it because you have to. it's a strange feeling, having the things you do affect other people. as opposed to just studying for a test or something. idk. 


dinner was fun! we went to this italian place called avanti's, and i got to spend more time with the group. zack and cute diesel guy didn't come though, since they both went home to missouri this weekend. 

oh! so i said i'd post a picture of those ridiculous windshield glasses:

are they not kind of awesome? :D

i actually have this internship to thank for me getting over my crippling insecurity of not having hair in my eyes 24/7. no joke. who knows what'll happen next; by the end of this semester i may be looking at people when i talk to them or not staring at the ground. stranger things have happened, like duck billed platypuses. 

this is me attempting to wave at atl people, who i miss a lot. a lot a lot.

and in conclusion,


  1. aw, you look so different and like... i wanna say more grown up without your hair in your face. (HMMMM, correlation? =P) .... and i don't like that finger missy.

  2. I love how you are totally avoiding actually looking into the camera lens. XD


  3. you should totally wear those windshield glasses everywhere. you think im kidding.

  4. flicking someone off is visual cussing.

  5. you look like stephanie kao.

  6. I agree with Shune on that. FAIL.