Tuesday, February 3, 2009

this was a triumph.

i've gotta say one thing. and that one thing is that french fries in mayonnaise is amazing. anybody who's been around me knows i drench everything in mayo or sour cream. how i held off on fries for 20 years, i'll never know.

dude. polo button up shirts are the same for boys as they are for girls. was that common knowledge? because seriously, i spend like 5 minutes longer in the morning trying to button my shirt with my left hand. 

so! so! so!!!! at first when Supervisor was like 'k let's get you guys CPS green belt certified' i was all like. dude. way to cop out. i don't want cat production system certification. where's the 6sigma D: but it turns out you have to be 6sigma before you can be CPS!!! which means we're getting certified!!!!!!!! [/nerd]

do i really have to accept delta phi lambda's friend request? i'm almost tempted to ignore it based on the fact that they give their sisters retarded names. no one should have to be subjected to middle names of 'lecoeur', 'gravitee', and 'lumiere'. 

i found out earlier this week that 'aperture' means 'hole'. suddenly Portal makes so much more sense. 

i got valentine's candy today! from a guy who nicked it from the receptionist's desk. now, you know. you know that on february 15th, a tiny asian girl is going to walmart and buying 3 pounds of chocolate. don't even think about reaching for the chocolate caramels, buddy. 


  1. DUDE. YOU SHOULD HAVE ASKED ME ABOUT APERTURES!!!! that's like... standard lingo in crazy architecture language!