Sunday, February 22, 2009

boring filler post

i wonder what life is like for an art major. to have your home consist of an easel, and charcoal and countless types of acrylic and oil and paper. to have your textbook be a painting and your paper be a sketchbook. for your exams to be graded on subjective aesthetics, uncertain and intuitive. instead of on a curve, against an answer key. i wonder how it feels to walk into a giant classroom where there are no desks, only models. 

what would have happened if i had followed that dream?


in other news, when i get back, it'll be summertime! and i want to try tons of new things. i wanna go into h-mart and buy those tiny cute cans of coffee or those strange candies. or those 1L bottles of apple/aloe/milk tea or whatever. you know, those things that are intriguing but that you never really throw into your cart. we can buy them and head over to the bakery and buy a pastry or two. currypan! and go to the pool and that can be that. but then we'll get bored and someone will end up being pushed in.

i say this with all the love in my heart. 

hehhehhehehe. i mean....all the love.


ate lunch at 3 again today :( which means my schedule is all screwed up. 62 more days. 

in other other news, how do i get myself into these things????????????????? all i want is to go eat zaxby's. mmmmmm hot wings dipped in ranch. with texas toast. and fries. MMMMMMMM. and a cherry coke. 

everything gets better with a cherry coke. 

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  1. When my mom tells me I'm going to be poor, she says it like it's a threat or something.

    The more I look at people's unhappiness, the more I find myself thinking that maybe it wouldn't be too bad.