Thursday, February 19, 2009

i bowled a 200. (divided by 5.)

i went bowling today!!! woke up like hmmm how do i get out of this and then realized i said i'd go, so. so yeah. and it ended up being really, really fun. besides the drama that i had no idea existed within that group, still really fun. but fucking fuck, i need to stop flirting with the cute diesel mechanic. possibly should not go bowling every thursday to avoid this? and of course a group outing can't go by without some form of sexual innuendo. aside from the 'ow, my finger got caught in the hole so the release was really awkward' ">_> that's what she said" "what'd you say?" "NOTHING"

  • sean: dude, you took like two bites out of your burger.
  • zack: lay off, she's chewing!
  • brian: yeah, unlike some people. we all know sean just swallows.
  • me: *chokes on burger*  omg. 

(thank goodness no one said anything about choking) 

also while bowling:

  • brian: *bowls*
  • karla: yeah, brian has the prettiest release out of all of us. you should ask him for tips.
  • sean: yeah brian, you have such nice release. 
  • brian:
  • brian: 
  • brian:...stfu. 


among other things i found out: 

  • it really, really sucks to be the roommate of someone who is attractive. cuz then she gets a lot of attention and then you're like "..." yeah. my coworker gets that feeling a lot..but to be fair, at least she's out of all the drama that's going down.
  • corollary: attractive people get attention. and also drama. ==bad. (it's a boolean!) 
  • if someone objects to your being attractive in any way (i.e too blonde, too tall, too short, ew no), it still means they're objecting to someone who said you were.
  • it's easier if some people are jerks because it makes it easier to like them less. unless they turn out to be actually really good guys, and then you're just fucked. 
  • i am very, very small. and also bad at bowling. 

crap, it's really late. ok night


  1. AHAHAHAHHAA............... dude! and you told me you didn't get any at work ;)

  2. i didn't!!! diesel engines are up in the tech center at mossville. >_> also i never "get any" (so vulgar! stephanie!!) because someone never snap, i went there. ;)

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  4. get any "that's what she said"s!!! any "THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID"S

    (i removed my last post because i forgot to add this:)
    hey.heyy. that's right i never pay. but you still like it ;)